Here’s what people say about working with MULTILATERAL

Cecilia acted as interpreter at a high-profile, international literary event that I chaired, invited by the Embassy of Argentina in the UK. She was patient, helpful, knowledgeable and extremely professional before, during and after the event. Her calm and friendly personality together with a very high standard performance made the experience seamless. I hope we cross paths again very soon as it is a pleasure and a privilege to work with Cecilia. ~ Dr. Mariana Casale, Narrative Bibliotherapist & Literary Consultant


I met Cecilia at the Spotlight on high-level conference & business interpreting workshop organised by the London Regional Group in 2019 and I have been following her professional activity ever since. I always find inspiration in Cecilia's refreshing approach to interpreting business. What I admire most is how she systematises knowledge and shares it so generously with others. Moreover, she is one of the very few interpreters who really understand the marketing side of our business and can explain it to others in an accessible and effective way.
Also, I have recently acquired Cecilia's "JUMP!" book and have already picked up some very useful insights. This is one of those down-to-earth books that will make you take notes and then revisit these ideas. Moreover, it will give you the impetus to actually apply them! Cecilia's voice is friendly and encouraging, and she is always open to offering additional advice or clarifications. Every time I have a question she is available and willing to help. If you are looking for a mentor and a reliable friend in the interpreting world, Cecilia is just the person to contact! ~ Xenia Andriutta, Conference Interpreter


Cecilia has provided interpretation at numerous Canning House events I've organised. The quality of her interpretation, and of the Multilateral team, is simply outstanding and has never failed. I have received nothing but excellent feedback for her interpretation of a wide range of event topics. 
Cecilia has also always been ready to provide new solutions and expertise. Such has been the case with simultaneous interpretation for online and hybrid events. 
Cecilia is friendly, a hard worker, always positive, reliable and flexible - a very much-needed attribute in the events sector. Strongly recommended! ~ Alex Cruz, Event Organiser


We worked with Cecilia and her company Multilateral already twice for our three-day annual online conference, Wool Connect. Cecilia and her team did the simultaneous interpretation of the event from English into Spanish on Zoom. The interpretation quality of the Multilateral team is excellent. Cecilia also helped us get our head around setting up the live interpretation in Zoom, conduct successful reheasal sessions with speakers, and gave us helpful tips to avoid any pitfalls. Finally, working with Cecilia is always great, as she is very professional, super helpful, kind, always positive and cheerful while also staying calm which is great during the stressful moments of a live online event. ~ Elisabeth van Delden, Consultant


Discovering “Jump” has been a real game changer. It has encouraged me to think out of the box when it comes to building my profile and interpreting business. She has dedicated a lot of time giving young interpreters and colleagues a hand, not only through her book but also through free webinars and consultations. Thank you again, Cecilia, for your consideration, your advice and your modesty, an added value that does not go unnoticed! ~ Elena Dominguez Hernando, Conference Interpreter


During my time in charge of the embassy in London, Cecilia did outstanding support work interpreting simultaneously in both languages (English into Spanish and vice versa) with great knowledge of all technical terminology in various areas, be it during seminars, presentations, meetings of different types with the use of technology so that all participants could listen to her interpretation. She is very professional, discreet, and always willing to support the different areas at the embassy in the United Kingdom. She interpreted for ministers, and trade and governmental delegations. ~ Carlos Sersale di Cerisano, Ambassador (R)


Cecilia is probably one of the most professional and capable Spanish interpreters I've ever worked with. She organised a great team member and will find the best solution for your needs. She is our go-to LATAM interpreter and I can highly recommend her services. ~ Debora Chobanian, Interpreter Provider


Cecilia is an excellent public speaker. She delivered two sessions to the interpreting students at London Metropolitan University during which she shared her experience on diplomatic interpreting and business skills. I was also delighted to take part in a series of events professionally organised by Cecilia and Virginia called: "Boothcamp". Cecilia is always very keen on collaborating and sharing her expertise with new colleagues entering the profession. ~ Ewa Jasinska-Davidson, Interpreter Tutor


There are three main reasons why working with Cecilia is always such a pleasure. Firstly, peace of mind: you simple handle the job to her and it is done. There’s is nothing else for me to do other than my own work. Secondly, the use of language: she adapts the vocabulary to convey the exact message. Spanish and English are not constructed in the same way and one too many times I’ve found out it is not that easy to express certain ideas. However, Cecilia achieves this and even makes it look effortless. Finally, and perhaps an element that I find most important: adaptability. Due to the nature of our events, many times we have to make last minute changes and we can only let her know very last minute. Not even once has she complained. Not only that, she always goes the extra mile to help us achieve our goals. I’d like to recommend her for her profesional, warm and very diplomatic attitude. ~ Veronica Muñoz de Andrea, Consultant


Without doubt, Maria Cecilia is the best interpreter I have been able to work with. She is highly skilled, very professional and flexible. She has successfully interpreted high authorities including our President and International Trade Minister. ~ Juan Carlos Yepez, Trade Commissioner


Working with Cecilia has always been a pleasure. She is a true professional that adds passion and commitment to everything she tackles. I cannot think of a better person for diplomatic interpretations or any other project that requires not only skill but also a great command of interpersonal relationships. ~ Azucena Galettini, Author


Maria Cecilia Lipovsek was our interpreter for the duration of a parliamentary visit from El Salvador to the United Kingdom. During our visit, she provided interpretation both simultaneously and summary style. I found her to be accurate and concurrent, providing a better understanding for all the participants. Cecilia was also very updated on terms regarding our topics which we covered. I would recommend her to any future employer. ~ Bernhard Garside, OBE, Diplomat


Cecilia is quite simply one of the most talented people I’ve worked with in any field. She is outstanding at her core job (Spanish/English interpreting) but also brings to bear numerous other skills such as diplomacy, government engagement skills, a knowledge of London that would put professional tour guides to shame - and an attitude which is thoroughly professional, admirably ‘can-do’ and determined to make the best possible experience for clients. She will do whatever it takes to ensure that clients are able to achieve their objectives and have an outstanding experience. I recently brought a delegation of senior Mexican officials to the UK for one working week, and Cecilia accompanied us throughout, interpreting brilliantly at a wide range of meetings with government, universities and the private sector on complex technical issues, sometimes with more than 25 people in the room, other times just 1-1 or in a more intimate setting. She also helped me plan the delegation’s downtime and to escort them to Covent Garden, Tower Bridge etc. She made my job both mucha easier and much more pleasant - while doing her own job to the highest level. I would recommend her without hesitation. ~ Dominic Gould, Policy Adviser


I had the pleasure of working with Cecilia on two occasions. Firstly, she acted as a guest speaker on 'Branding for Interpreters' during a Professionalisation Talk I organised for the University of Leeds interpreting students. Secondly, we both acted as interpreters at a corporate/marketing event near London. 
On both occasions, I found her to be a lovely and very knowledgeable colleague who excels at team work. Both an engaging speaker and a very professional interpreter, we have since kept in touch. I really value our exchanges and her input into various facets of the profession. I would be honoured to work together again. ~ Andrea Alvisi, Conference Interpreter


I worked with Maria Cecilia during my business trip, where she provided an excellent, reliable and high-quality interpretation. She is not only very skilled technical interpreter, she also detects those cultural and educational differences between groups of diverse nationalities that needs to be additionally explained to assure fluent and understandable conversation. And she provides these “footnotes” in the way that does not interfere with the dialogue between the parties. She is organized and professional but also flexible and creative, and most importantly, she is can handle stressful situations without compromising quality. She is very friendly and keen to share her knowledge; between the meetings she always showed us some culturally or architecturally interesting building or told us an amusing historical fact. ~ Michaela Telepovska, United Nations Adviser


I am an Argentine journalist and Ms Lipovsek has been of great help to my work during my stay in London. Besides being kind and polite, she did her job as an interpreter efficiently, patiently, and very effectively. I recommend her without hesitation. ~ Valeria Musse, Journalist


Maria Cecilia has volunteered her translating services to the Costa Foundation since 2015 and has been incredibly helpful in enabling us to bridge the language barriers between our charity and our many partners across the world. The quality of Cecilia's work is exceptional and she has translated many complicated legal documents for us as well as the softer side of our work including letters and cards from children in our schools. It is a credit to Cecilia that she approached our charity unsolicited and offered her services as a volunteer and I would recommend her and the work that she carries out in a heartbeat. ~ Piers Blake, Consultant