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Last May, Sheila Harkatz, founder of Mujeres en Carrera, a Latin American Edtech initiative that promotes business and financial inclusion of girls and women, invited me to present a webinar about multicultural communication and doing business internationally with a special focus on Latin America and the UK.

It was a great opportunity to share my experiences and lessons learned in my work as a diplomatic interpreter about how different cultures interact and communicate.

I decided to focus on the following areas:

  • Time management
  • The physical dimension
  • Approach to information
  • Using a lingua franca
  • Working with interpreters

You are welcome to watch the recording of the webinar with special focus on the interactions between Latin America and the UK in the link below (original audio in English):



Find more about Mujeres en Carrera here: www.mujeresencarrera.com.ar

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