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Phone conferences are (almost) as old as time – so is interpreting.

The traditional way of going about bilingual phone conferences consists of connecting all parties plus the interpreter and taking turns to talk, allowing time for the interpreter to translate.

However, with the help of some slightly more modern technology, it is possible to have phone conferences with simultaneous translation.

Under this format, participants connect to a platform, either over the phone or online, after having received an invitation with the corresponding link and select the language channel they wish to listen to.

Interpreters connect remotely to the phone conference, also either over the phone or online, and work our magic from the comfort of our home offices.

As with everything else in life, there is a time and a place for each option.

Short, impromptu conversations (be them on the phone or via Skype, WhatsApp group calls or Google Hangouts) can be handled with consecutive interpretation. All you need to do is patch your favourite interpreter in.

Longer, planned phone conferences are best translated simultaneously with one or two interpreters connected to the call, depending on how long the conference is.

Easy-to-use, tested, and trusted technology that is readily available to you. Just like your interpreter.

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