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Designed for interpreters, non-interpreters or both to help you develop and strengthen your professional and intercultural communication skills - one step at a time!

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Online or Face-to-Face, I'd be delighted to meet you and your audience and talk all things interpreting, diplomacy, cross-cultural communication, entrepreneurship, Latin America, the UK, and more.

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I take great pride in my clients being happy with my work and coming back for more! Here is what they say:

Xenia Andriuta


"I always find inspiration in Cecilia's refreshing approach to interpreting business. What I admire most is how she systematises knowledge and shares it so generously with others. Moreover, she is one of the very few interpreters who really understand the marketing side of our business and can explain it to others in an accessible and effective way."

Ewa Jasinska-Davidson


"Cecilia is an excellent public speaker. She delivered two sessions to the interpreting students at London Metropolitan University during which she shared her experience on diplomatic interpreting and business skills. Cecilia is always very keen on collaborating and sharing her expertise with new colleagues entering the profession."

Corina Díaz


"The TERP SUMMER CAMP Cecilia masterfully put up is the best marketing course I have ever taken. Not only has Cecilia thoroughly thought of every item and step in the camp, researched, and put her own experience into it, but she has also been extremely generous. And that is remarkable. think the qualities that best describe Cecilia are: professional, generous and savvy."