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Purchasing & Enrolling

All MULTILATERAL LTD digital products are available only on MULTILATERAL LTD’s website and can be purchased via online payment by credit or debit card on MULTILATERERAL LTD’s website.

No Responsibility Disclaimer

Every effort is made to accurately represent MULTILATERAL LTD’s programs and the educational value they provide.

However, there is no guarantee that students, members, and/or readers will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. The results obtained by them will be determined by a number of factors over which MULTILATERAL LTD has no control, such as their financial condition, experiences, skills, level of effort, education, changes within the market, and luck.

Running any type of business carries risks, and their use of any information contained on this website is as at the student, members, and/or readers’ own risk. MULTILATERAL LTD provides content without any express or implied warranties of any kind. 


⭐ Interpreting & Consulting

Booking & Payment

Services will not be considered as 'booked' nor provided until full payment either by bank transfer or online card payment has been successfully received by MULTILATERAL LTD. Until then, the Interpreter Team availability will be marked as 'tentative'.

Platforms & Internet Connection

Remote interpreting shall be understood to mean any interpreting where not all the participants (including but not limited to speakers, moderators, attendees, as well as the interpreters) are located in the same room and where some or all of the participants take part in the event by means of an online platform.

The Client shall use its best efforts to procure that all the speakers are connected via an ethernet cable and equipped with USB noise-cancelling headset with a built-in microphone. Likewise, both MULTILATERAL LTD and the Client will take reasonable steps to ensure secure and sturdy internet connections and redundancy systems are in place during any online event. The Interpreter Team will connect to their virtual booths no less than thirty (30) minutes before the event start time.

The Client shall release MULTILATERAL LTD from any and all claims that may arise in the event that any platform, equipment and/or technicians suffer or cause any loss of connectivity or breach of data security and confidentiality. The Interpreter Team shall be free to stop interpreting if sound and/or video quality are insufficient.

The Client shall provide the participants with up-to-date training on how to work with Interpreters via the chosen platform. If desired, the Client can also book a courtesy test-run session with a MULTILATERAL member.

Recording & Copyright

MULTILATERAL LTD will not record any sessions unless otherwise agreed beforehand and takes no responsibility for recordings handled directly by the Client.

Copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the interpretation shall be vested in the Interpreter Team. Save for recordings intended only for internal or non-commercial use, the Client shall not make any sound or other recording of the Interpreter Team's work product unless the Interpreter Team give the Client their written consent for the recording. MULTILATERAL LTD reserves the right to ask for a license fee to be paid as a condition for such consent being granted, usually set to 25% of the total fee for interpreting services.

Interpreting Equipment

Interpreting booths and/or a hub shall be understood to mean a physical location, such as and including but not limited to, the IDRC, the IAC or the Client’s offices, to be fully equipped with individual interpreting booths, consoles and other professional interpreting equipment manned by a dedicated full-time sound engineer who shall be at all times available to assist the Interpreters.

Portable equipment shall be understood to mean a tour guide set with transmitters and enough receivers, such as William Sound DiviWave 2.0. All the equipment shall be tested and certified fit for purpose well in advance of the start of the Job by a Client-appointed and authorised professional provider.

The Interpreter Team shall at all times have a clear and direct view of all the speakers’ faces.

The Client will be responsible to compensate MULTILATERAL LTD for any lost equipment, be it transmitters, receivers, and/or headsets.

Out of London

For jobs out of London, the Client shall cover the Interpreting Team's reasonable expenses including but not limited to, travel (prepaid), terminal expenses and accommodation (four-star hotel or equivalent prepaid), and shall pay the Interpreter Team a daily subsistence allowance as well as an allowance for loss of earnings during travel in the amount of 50% Daily Fee for the outbound & inbound journeys of up to three hours and in the amount of one 75% Daily Fee for the outbound & inbound journeys of three or more hours.

The Interpreter Team shall not be required to travel on either the first day or the last day of the job.

Reference Materials

The Client agrees to provide MULTILATERAL LTD, in good time, with all the preparatory and background materials in hard and/or electronic copy, including any presentations, running order, and reference materials, necessary for the Interpreter Team to properly prepare for the Job.


Interpreting services are provided in set length-sizes calculated depending on the duration of the event. Out of courtesy, interpreters will continue to interpret for 10 additional minutes after the hired block end time; however, any unplanned additional interpreting work over the courtesy ten-minute buffer shall incur the fees associated with an additional block of the same size independently of for how the session overruns.

Cancellation & Rescheduling

Once booked, should the job or any part thereof be cancelled by the Client at any time, a retainer equivalent to fifty per cent (50%) of the event fees will be retained by MULTILATERAL LTD.

Likewise, the Client will be entitled to a refund equivalent to fifty per cent (50%) of the event fees or, when possible, to have the remaining fifty per cent (50%) carried forward to be used to partially cover the fees of a future event as long as this event takes place within and no later than twelve (12) months from the original event date.

Any event-related additional expenses incurred by MULTILATERAL LTD in preparation for the cancelled event, including but not limited to specialist equipment rental, travel fares, and accommodation, will not be included in neither the refund nor the carrying forward options above and shall be covered by the Client in their entirety.

Should the Client fail to make use of the carried forward funds within twelve (12) months of the original event date, the Client will forfeit any right to dispose of said funds and MULTILATERAL LTD will not be obliged to return them.

Changes To The Nature Of The Event

Should the Client decide to change the nature of the event from online to hybrid and/or in-venue and/or itinerant, additional expenses may arise as a result of said change, including but not limited to platform rental, specialist equipment use, travel and accommodation, and Interpreter Team availability, among others.


Both MULTILATERAL LTD and the Client will take reasonable precautions to ensure that all confidential information, either oral or written, remains confidential. Each member of the Interpreting Team will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and electronic copies of these signed agreements will be sent to the Client before the event start date.


During the provision of the Services and for an indefinite period thereafter, the Client shall not solicit MULTILATERAL LTD's professional team to undertake work directly for the Client and without the involvement of MULTILATERAL LTD where those professionals have been engaged in the provision of the Services, except where such work is carried out with the prior authorisation of MULTILATERAL LTD.


These Terms and Conditions and any contracts between Multilateral and the Client shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.


Our Terms and Conditions are under regular review. Last updated 1 June 2022.