by Cecilia Lipovsek

Britain's most specialised culturally-sensitive interpretation service for Latin America & the UK


I'm the interpreter British and Latin American diplomats call when they  want to communicate seamlessly.

About My Career

The Face-Saving Power Of Interpreting

Words Connect Worlds

MULTILATERAL is on a mission to help British and Latin American governments, businesses, and professionals to work better in collaboration – not just in the complex arena of diplomacy and international business but also in the most mundane of situations.

Professional, warm, flexible, high-skilled, collaborative, and discreet are some of the words my clients use to describe me and the services I provide together with my team of trusted colleagues.

I believe that by talking we understand one another, no matter where we come from or what language we speak, and that words do indeed connect worlds.


Interpreting like you have never experienced it before. My team and I spend our days providing real-time language support specially designed for British and Latin American diplomats, governments, businesses, and professionals. We do not translate. We do not subtitle. We do not localise. We interpret - for you.


Ninety-three per cent of communication is non-verbal. Work with someone you know and who knows you. Born in Buenos Aires and a Londoner by choice, I have always had a foot on each side of the language and cultural divide. Not only do I bring my experience to the table when I interpret, but it is also the inspiration behind The BIG Hub™.


Your interpreter is part of your team, even if 'only' during a meeting. I am the lead interpreter in all MULTILATERAL's projects but I have also carefully selected a team of outstanding and trusted colleagues to work with me when needed.


I specialise in diplomatic settings: diplomatic visits, trade and technical missions, bilateral meetings, conventions, conference side events, summits, cultural events, expert sessions, panels, lectures, workshops, table-top exercises, seminars, press conferences, and more.


We are primarily focused on Latin America and the United Kingdom; therefore, my team and I only work with three languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese. This way, I can personally asses every single member of my team and guarantee the quality of their work - and mine.


Even before Covid, my services included remote interpreting, as technology helps to follow up after a visit or better prepare for it. Now, post-Covid, I am proud to assist my clients in-venue and online, in hybrid setups, and on-the-go for itinerant programmes.


I take great pride in my clients being happy with our work and coming back for more! Here is what they say:

Carlos Sersale di Cerisano
Former Argentine Ambassador to the United Kingdom

“Outstanding professional, very discreet, and always ready to support the Embassy of Argentina to the United Kingdom with its events in its different venues. She interpreted for several ministers as well as business and governmental delegations.”

Juan Carlos Yépez
Trade Commissioner of Ecuador, PROECUADOR

“Without doubt, Cecilia is the best interpreter I have been able to work with. She is highly skilled, very professional and flexible; and has successfully interpreted high authorities including our President and International Trade Minister.”

Alex Cruz
Events Manager, Canning House

Cecilia has provided interpretation at numerous Canning House events I've organised. The quality of her interpretation, and of the Multilateral team, is simply outstanding and has never failed. I have received nothing but excellent feedback for her interpretation of a wide range of event topics."


+44 773 145 0835

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First Floor 85 Great Portland St

London, W1W 7LT - United Kingdom


"Everyone smiles in the same language."

George Carlin