Words connect worlds™

Make linguistic and cultural barriers disappear with my culturally-sensitive approach to translation & interpreting.

Real-time translation and intercultural support for British and Latin American businesses, governments, and professionals combined with the easiest-to-use technology to help your meetings and events run smoothly, seamlessly, and within schedule.

That is multilateral communication in action!


  • Short and sweet and for online or London-based events only.
  • A combination of world-class interpreting services, the easiest-to-use online and offline technology, and the Mini Savvy Companion
  • Add-on: proofing of your written materials.
  • Ideal for: meetings, talks, panels, interviews, lectures, and networking events.


  • All the support you need to go through your workday/s seamlessly.
  • A combination of world-class interpreting services, the easiest-to-use online and offline technology, and the Mini Savvy Companion
  • Add-on: proofing and/or translation of written materials.
  • Ideal for: trade and technical missions, diplomatic visits, board meetings, training sessions, focus groups, expos & tours.


  • All the support you need to bring your project to fruitful completion.
  • A combination of world-class interpreting services, the easiest-to-use online and offline technology, the Mini Savvy Companion™.
  • Add-on: proofing and translation of written materials, copywriting.
  • Ideal for: business trips, speaking engagements, seminars, international trade, and ongoing bilateral projects.

“I would highly recommend Maria Cecilia for many different reasons. Always reliable, prompt and honest, she is incredibly passionate about what she does- never failing the Euro London team and constantly delivering high quality and nuanced translations. Finally, she is also an absolute pleasure to work with – very personable and extremely easy to speak to.”

Nancy Palladina Team Leader Business Support & Translation Services, Euro London Appointments

“Cecilia is quite simply one of the most talented people I’ve worked with in any field. She is outstanding at her core job (Spanish/English interpreting) but also brings to bear numerous other skills such as diplomacy, government engagement skills, a knowledge of London that would put professional tour guides to shame – and an attitude which is thoroughly professional, admirably ‘can-do’ and determined to make the best possible experience for clients. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Dominic Gould Programme and Policy Manager, Health and Education, British Embassy in Mexico City

“There are three main reasons why working with Cecilia is always such a pleasure. Firstly, peace of mind. Secondly, the use of language. Finally, and perhaps an element that I find most important: adaptability. I’d like to recommend her for her professional, warm and very diplomatic attitude.”

Veronica Muñoz de Andrea Investment Officer, Embassy of Argentina in London

“Without doubt, Maria Cecilia is the best interpreter I have been able to work with.
She is highly skilled, very professional and flexible. She has successfully interpreted high authorities including our President and International Trade Minister.”

Juan Carlos Yépez Trade Commissioner of Ecuador, PRO ECUADOR


Looking for someone knowledgeable, savvy, dynamic, warm, and practical?

I love speaking to groups about the power of culturally-sensitive communication, the benefits of adding translators and interpreters to your team, and how to best interact with Latin America and the United Kingdom.

If you would like to discuss your upcoming event, send me an email and let’s chat!

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London Metropolitan University
Language Show London 2018
Language Show London 2017
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The Savvy Companion™ is what makes Multilateral unique; a combination of intercultural communication skills, outstanding general knowledge, deep understanding of business etiquette and international protocol, superb people skills, and an ad-hoc local host advice that underpins my work as your interpreter.

Verbal expression accounts for about 7% of everything that is communicated when two or more people interact. Language interpreting deals with that 7%, The Savvy Companion™ deals with everything else.

Everything I do is in line with the Multilateral Way, a series of ten core values that guide my work and that of the colleagues I collaborate with:

  • Be useful – aid and facilitate communication and avoid, by all means, disrupting it. This entails having proper professional qualifications; that is, having received formal training and being able to perform satisfactorily in the different interpreting techniques.
  • Protect confidentiality – maintain strict confidentiality of all matters discussed in any current and/or past projects, including the very fact that a meeting might have taken place. Discretion is indeed the better part of valour.
  • Remain neutral – refrain from commenting and/or sharing my opinion on any of the matters discussed or on the speakers and/or attendees as well as on any other matter that may come up in casual conversation.
  • Be collaborative – understand and work around the dynamics of the meetings and events during which my services are required to help to them running smoothly and effortlessly.
  • Provide personal support – introduce myself as best as possible to those I am assisting in order to become part of their team, even if on an ad-hoc basis, as I believe that knowing who they are working with allows my clients to sit back and focus on their goals.
  • Be fair & transparent– aim to provide world-class services at a price that is fair to my clients but also a fair reflection of the value I bring to the table.
  • Be respectful – have knowledge of business etiquette and international protocol as well as of the cultures I work with and respect the many ways in which they compare and differ.
  • Pursue growth and learning – undertake regular CPD activities and, also, make myself deeply familiar with the topics to be translated, as well as with my clients’ cultural and professional backgrounds.
  • Mind the little things – be punctual, courteous, calm, well-disposed, properly groomed and dressed, flexible, and always aware that my colleagues and I are there to provide a professional service.
  • Strive for excellence – what else is there to strive for?

I purposely do not list any client names or their logos on my website. This is to protect their confidentiality as well as that of the events and projects I assist them with.

Those whose comments about my work are featured above have given their express consent and authorisation for me to do so.

You see, discretion and confidentiality are at the core of everything I do. So, you will not find any names of clients or photos of my work here or in my Instagram feed.

Multilateral is a professional interpreting services company with a strong emphasis in cross-cultural communication and specialised in helping British and Latin American businesses, government officials, and professionals to grow in partnership and collaboration run personally by me.

It is not and has no plans to become an agency. However, as I can only be in one place at any given time and my days are also only 24-hour long, I sometimes rely on my selected network of trusted and highly-qualified colleagues and strategic partners both in Latin America and in Britain to ensure you receive the world-class service you deserve.

Working with me is very simple. It only takes 3 steps:

  1. Choose the best proposal to fit your needs
  2. Receive and confirm your quote
  3. Work your magic at your event while I work mine!

Here's me in action!

Consecutive interpreting for Salvadorian writer Jorge Galan in London. Interpreting starts at 00:04:48 when I translate his first answer into English. The podcast was originally posted on the London Review Bookshop website.


I am a London-based corporate, diplomatic, and conference interpreter of Spanish, English, and Portuguese specialised in Latin America and the UK.

Professional, warm, flexible, highly-skilled, collaborative, and discreet are some of the words my clients use to describe me and the services I provide.

Born in Buenos Aires and a Londoner by adoption, I have lived and worked on both sides of the Atlantic, a foot on each side of the language and cultural divide.

The more I do my job (seventeen years and going!), the more I believe that words do connect worlds.

Some of the main areas I work with

Security & Defence; Human & Workers Rights; Government & International Organisations
Business, Finance & Trade; Technology & Infrastructure; Transport & Aerospace
Energy & Mining; Agriculture & Agribusiness; Environment & Development
Lifestyle, Food & Fashion; Arts & Culture; PR, Media & Entertainment


British Argentine Chamber of Commerce
Cámara Ecu-Británica
Channing House
Sietar UK


I love to write about interpreting, intercultural communication, Latin America & the UK.

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