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British-LatAm Masterclass™
British-LatAm Masterclass
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Mission Companion™
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My Argentine Spanish in the Latin American context

The Coveted Back Effect


MULTILATERAL is a boutique international communication service for British and Latin American governments, businesses, and professionals led by its owner and lead diplomatic interpreter, Cecilia Lipovsek.

I am not Superman, I am Batman

Interpreter vs 'Interpretator'

Defining the Diplomatic Interpreting Blueprint

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3 Lessons Interpreters Can Learn From The Queen

Are You Fluent In Body Spanish?

3 Tips to Speak in Public via Interpreters

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A specialist service to help you have a successful Latin American mission to the UK.

Invite the Delegates You Want  ·  Work With Someone You Know  ·  Build Stronger Bonds

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Carlos Sersale di Cerisano
Carlos Sersale di Cerisano

Outstanding professional, very discreet, and always ready to support the Embassy of Argentina to the United Kingdom.

Juan Carlos Yépez
Juan Carlos Yépez
Trade Commissioner

Without doubt, Cecilia is the best interpreter I have been able to work with. She is highly skilled, very professional and flexible.

Bernhard Garside, OBE
Bernhard Garside, OBE

I found her to be accurate and concurrent, providing a better understanding for all the participants.



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