MULTILATERAL is a London-based intercultural communications service that helps British and Latin American governments, businesses, and professionals bring clarity to the table.


I'm Cecilia Lipovsek

Born in Buenos Aires and a Londoner by choice, I have lived and worked on both sides of the ocean – a foot on each side of the language and cultural divide. Over the years, as the lead diplomatic interpreter at MULTILATERAL, I have assisted heads of state, ministers, governors, CEO’s, change-makers, writers, royalty, Nobel Prize winners, museum curators, and countless experts.

In 2022, I published WELCOME, A very practical guide to Diplomatic Interpreting in the 21st century, arguing that Diplomatic Interpreting should be considered a specialisation of interpreting in its own right.

This year, I created the British-LatAm Masterclass™, showing how to use the Slot and Flow Systems™ to improve British-LatAm relations.

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Cecilia Lipovsek
Dominic Gould
Dominic Gould
Policy Adviser

She is outstanding at her core job (Spanish/English interpreting) but also brings to bear numerous other skills such as diplomacy, government engagement skills — and an attitude which is thoroughly professional, admirably ‘can-do’ and determined to make the best possible experience for clients.

Michaela Telepovska
Michaela Telepovska
United Nations Adviser

She is not only very skilled technical interpreter, but she also detects those cultural and educational differences between groups of diverse nationalities that needs to be additionally explained to assure fluent and understandable conversation. And she provides these “footnotes” in the way that does not interfere with the dialogue between the parties.

Dominic Gould
Alex Cruz
Event Manager

The quality of her interpretation, and of the Multilateral team, is simply outstanding and has never failed. I have received nothing but excellent feedback for her interpretation of a wide range of event topics. Cecilia is friendly, a hard worker, always positive, reliable and flexible — a very much-needed attribute in the events sector.

Cecilia Lipovsek in action

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I believe we're part of your team, even if only for a few days and, as such, we're here to help you.

- Be Useful

I take confidentiality one step further and follow The Othello Principle; I never help and tell.

- Protect Confidentiality

My goal is to honour your message's content and its context, cultural background, and the intent behind it.

- Be Respectful

From pricing to terms of service and potential conflicts of interest, I like things to be clear and win-win.

- Be Fair & Transparent

'Rough and ready' is never a good reflection of the value you bring to the table, nor a good way to honour your message.

- Mind the Little Things

The more I know my clients, the more I can anticipate their needs, and the better I can help them.

- Keep It Personal