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I'm Cecilia

I help British and Latin American diplomats, entrepreneurs, and professionals bring clarity to the table - one conversation at a time.

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In the last 10 years

I've assisted +100 LatAm delegations visiting the UK.

I've worked with royalty, heads of state, ministers, experts, Nobel Prize winners, and more.

And I recently wrote a book about how to have better interactions for British-LatAm professionals


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The thing is...


Getting help to communicate across cultures doesn't have be complicated to really make a difference.


Alex Cruz

Alex Cruz

Event Manager
I have received nothing but excellent feedback for her interpretation of a wide range of event topics.¬†Cecilia is friendly, a hard worker, always positive, reliable and flexible ‚ÄĒ a very much-needed attribute in the events sector.

I like doing things my way - the MULTILATERAL Way

My commitment to you is that I'll always keep it simple and practical.

Be Useful

I¬†believe I‚Äėm¬†part of your team, even if only for a little while¬†and, as such, my goal is to help you succeed.

Be Discreet

I take confidentiality one step further and zealously follow The Othello Principle; I never help and tell.

Be Respectful

My goal is to honour your message: its content, context, and cultural background, as well as the communicative intent behind it.

Be Transparent

From pricing to terms of service and potential conflicts of interest, I like things to be clear and mutually beneficial.

Be meticulous

'Rough and ready' is never a good reflection of the value you bring to the table, nor a good way for me to honour your work.

Be Curious

The more I know you, the more I can anticipate your needs, and the better I can help you.

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Cecilia Lipovsek
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I‚Äôm a diplomatic interpreter, author, British-LatAm communications expert, and the creator of the Slot and Flow Systems‚ĄĘ. My commitment to you is that I‚Äôll always keep it simple and practical.