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How to win over your British-LatAm Audience free resources

How much is bad pitching/presenting costing you?

Speaking in public is already daunting enough to, on top of it, do it in front of a group of...

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My Argentine Spanish in the Latin American context conversational dimension

After a lot of work, MULTILATERAL’s website is finally available in Spanish!

Everything in it is now bilingual, from pages and...

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The Coveted Back Effect musings

Over the years, I have noticed there is a very curious phenomenon that happens in every meeting or event where good interpreting is provided. I...

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I am not Superman, I am Batman musings

Equipped with my talent and super interpreting skills but with no gadgets, I’d be like Batman walking the streets in plain clothes on a...

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Interpreter vs 'Interpretator' musings

Interpreters are some of the most resilient professionals I know. We have proved so again and again over the last few years – and we are...

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Defining the Diplomatic Interpreting Blueprint diplomatic interpreting

My second book is out! This one is about diplomatic interpreting, how it is practised, and why I believe it should be a...

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