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The Coveted Back Effect musings

Over the years, I have noticed there is a very curious phenomenon that happens in every meeting or event where good interpreting is provided. I...

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I am not Superman, I am Batman musings

Equipped with my talent and super interpreting skills but with no gadgets, I’d be like Batman walking the streets in plain clothes on a...

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Interpreter vs 'Interpretator' musings

Interpreters are some of the most resilient professionals I know. We have proved so again and again over the last few years – and we are...

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3 Lessons Interpreters Can Learn From The Queen musings

On the day Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is finally laid to rest after seventy years of service to her nation and the world, here are three...

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Why I Follow The Othello Principle musings

Confidentiality is at the centre of the interpreting profession and drives interpreters to guard the content of conferences, meetings,...

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Why Interpreters Are Lousy Witnesses musings

Us, interpreters, are a rare breed. We walk all corners of the globe and work in a myriad of scenarios and situations.

Diplomatic Interpreters


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