WELCOME! by Cecilia LIpovsek


A Very Practical Guide to Diplomatic Interpreting in the 21st Century

Written by: Cecilia Lipovsek - Prologue by: Tony Rosado

It is time we get rid of the cloak and dagger, shed some light on the shroud of mystery surrounding diplomatic interpreting, and start looking it in the eye so we can get to know it better.

Based on my clients' questions and requests and my years of experience assisting Latin American delegations visiting the UK, WELCOME! is a blueprint for effective diplomatic interpreting.


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The oldest form of interpreting known to man; diplomatic interpreting is set apart by the skills diplomatic interpreters need to perform at the highest levels as well as by the challenges we must rise to when doing our job. Away from the safe seclusion of the booth, notions such as neutrality suddenly become fluid and full of grey areas, terms such as confidentiality acquire a whole new meaning, and our demeanour as well as the clothes we wear carry almost as much weight as the words we utter. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. WELCOME! is the combination of what I have found is best for my clients and what my clients have told me is best for them. I use everything included in this book in my own diplomatic interpreting practice. Nothing in here is hearsay or taken from somewhere else. With WELCOME!, you will be able to:

Upgrade your skills · Work seamlessly with your interpreters · Serve your clients better

The practice of diplomacy is changing

In the 21 century, diplomacy is no longer the remit of ministries and ministers of foreign affairs but also that of every single tier and level of government (national, regional, estate, local) and officers, as well as that of a plurality of actors from civil society and non-governmental organisations.

Thus, diplomatic interpreters no longer find ourselves working in a single type of setting but in a myriad of very different and diverse situations and, in consequence, resorting to a combination of tools, techniques, skills, and decision-making criteria that is unique to our work and different to the skill set needed in other fields of interpreting.

21st century diplomacy

The Blueprint

It is a gift to be able to convey a diplomat’s often nuanced message in an equally nuanced way. It certainly takes more than simply being good at interpreting. 

The Blueprint described in WELCOME! offers fellow interpreters a roadmap to shift from being a conference/court/community interpreter to becoming a DiploTerp™; that is, a Diplo(matic) (in)Terp(reter).

There are four pillars to The DiploTerp™ Blueprint, each linked together to make the practice of interpreting in diplomatic settings seamless, useful, and fulfilling.

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Moubarak Tinsoba
Conference Interpreter

Cecilia also presents the set of interpreting modes a diplomatic interpreter must master. They are: simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and sight translation. These skills are the 'Palette' referring to the patellet of colors a painter uses for their activities.

Tony Rosado
Consultant Interpreter

It's a great book to be read by anyone who wants to try diplomatic interpreting, works with diplomatic interpreters, and also for veterans who want a fresh perspective of their job.

Ilhem Bezzaoucha
Professor of Interpreting

I just dove into your book on diplomatic interpreting, and I'm genuinely awestruck! 📚🤩 Your words paint such a vivid picture of this intricate world where language, diplomacy, and culture converge. It's like you've unraveled a secret tapestry of international relations, revealing the pivotal role of interpreters.