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Inspired by the London Underground, JUMP! offers a simple and proven method for conference interpreters working in the private market to successfully deal with the business side of interpreting organised around the four Pillars of Terpreneurship™:

  • Plan Your Journey
  • Shine Bright
  • Show Up
  • Stay In Touch

Each Pillar seamlessly links together offering you a path into your own interpreting adventure.

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The 4 Pillars of Terpreneurship™

Pillars of Terpreneurship



Ride one Tube Line at a time

Ease your clients down the Tube

Travel light

Pillars of Terpreneurship



Be clear about what you stand for

Leverage the collective conscious

Build your brand kit

Pillars of Terpreneurship



Set up your Travel Zones

Attract your audience

Out-help the competition

Pillars of Terpreneurship



Mind the Gap

Have a conversation

Foster word of mouse

Get Your eCopy of JUMP!


I take great pride in my clients being happy with my work and coming back for more! Here is what they say:

Matthew Cocks


"Cecilia was my tutor for interpreting at the University of Surrey, and during my classes with her it was clear that her knowledge of the industry is incredibly comprehensive. She has developed her own unique strategies for interpreting, and is devoted to providing a premium service where the highest quality is a given. Additionally, her knowledge of branding and freelancing inspired me to start a brand of my own, and I am incredibly grateful to her for all her advice."

Libor Nenutil


"I have finished the book and simply loved it. Now I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first but honestly... So many great and quickly implementable tips with no BS sauce. I just wish the book had existed when I graduated, it would have saved me so many hours of reading, thinking and self-studying! Thank you very much, it was very enriching and worth every penny."

Elena Dominguez Hernando


"Discovering “Jump” has been a real game changer. It has encouraged me to think out of the box when it comes to building my profile and interpreting business. She has dedicated a lot of time giving young interpreters and colleagues a hand, not only through her book but also through free webinars and consultations. Thank you again, Cecilia, for your consideration, your advice and your modesty, an added value that does not go unnoticed!"