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A Specialist Service to Help You Have a Successful Latin American Mission to the UK

Invite the Delegates You Want  ·  Work With Someone You Know  ·  Build Stronger Bonds

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Are you in good hands?

Some things are too important to leave them to chance.

Opportunity only knocks once.

Britain and Latin America

You walked blind into meetings to work with a random interpreter you hadn't chosen yourself

Britain and Latin America

You couldn't arrange the best technology for each engagement directly with the interpreter

Britain and Latin America

The interpreter wasn't sufficiently specialised and key cultural differences got lost in translation

Britain and Latin America

The interpretation service wasn't flexible enough to adapt to your mission's requirements

Britain and Latin America

Without proper interpretation, some delegates and guests felt left behind and lost interest in the mission

Britain and Latin America

Unable to communicate seamlessly, the delegation came all this way to sadly go home empty-handed

My Mission Companion™ will help you, your delegates, and your guests make the most of your time together in the United Kingdom.

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How to host successful missions

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Enjoy your mission
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Meet Your Interpreter

Cecilia Lipovsek

Few people in Britain know how to help visiting Latin American delegations make the most of their time in the United Kingdom. As a diplomatic interpreter and creator of The Mission Companion™, Cecilia has assisted more than 80 delegations and over 6,000 delegates and their hosts so that they can communicate clearly and effortlessly in their preferred language, resulting in cooperation agreements, export/import deals, development programmes, expanded outreach, and more.

Cecilia Lipovsek
Trade Missions
Technical Missions
Diplomatic Visits
Cultural Events
Business Trips
Fact-finding Missions

What is poor (or no) interpreting costing you and your guests? 

If your delegates have something to say but their language skills are not up to the mark, there’s good and bad news. The bad news? They’ll have to muddle through, with difficulty and not very satisfactorily, and risk hosts and guests not quite getting what they mean and moving on to talk to and do business with someone they can understand.

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Britain and Latin America

Enjoy the support of a local, specialist partner 


No intermediaries

Work with someone you know

Block booking

Versatile language interpretation

Intercultural support

Ad-hoc local guide


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Dominic Gould
Dominic Gould
Policy Adviser

She also brings to bear numerous other skills such as diplomacy, government engagement skills and an attitude which is thoroughly professional, admirably ‘can-do’ and determined to make the best possible experience for clients.

Michaela Telepovska
Federico Perez Wodtke
Regional Sector Lead, DBT

Cecilia's professionalism is one of her great virtues, but also her kindness and proactivity. She has been always looking for the way to make things easier for every delegate and facilitating the work of myself as a coordinator of the activity. 

Alex Cruz
Alex Cruz
Event Manager

I have received nothing but excellent feedback for her interpretation of a wide range of event topics. Cecilia is friendly, a hard worker, always positive, reliable and flexible — a very much-needed attribute in the events sector.



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